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Women's Colleges
for International Students in the United States

Why a Women’s College Might Be the Right Fit for You

NEW - Each women’s college has its own distinctive identity and culture.  From the east coast to the west coast, from the Midwest to the south, women’s colleges are in the hearts of cities and deep in the country.  Students come from all socioeconomic, ethnic, racial and religious groups, across the country and around the world.   What women’s colleges have in common is an unequivocal commitment to your education.  Visit the campuses, meet with students and professors, attend a class, and spend a night.  Finding the right fit is about you.  Women’s colleges are about you!

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Women's Colleges: The Right Fit for You

Finding the right fit in a college—the college at which you will thrive and reach your academic and personal potential, the college that will best prepare you for life after college—is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Finding the right fit is all about you.

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Womens Colleges

A women's college is a sanctuary where intellectual, spiritual and cultural advancement is nurtured. It's a place where the age old adage "It's a man's world" is traded in for the academic, professional and personal development that reinforces a truth still well-buried in the world's male-dominated workplace – that women have more to offer, are competent multi-taskers and natural leaders. In short, a women's college is a place where women get a taste of being in charge – and it's a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

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Women in Engineering

Engineering is an exciting career. Engineers make society better through problem solving, teamwork, and leadership. Projections have shown that the United States will have a shortage of engineers in the near future. However, currently only about 10% of all practicing engineers in the United States are women, and less than 20% of students studying engineering are women. Because of these low numbers, female engineering students can sometimes feel isolated and misunderstood. Many universities and colleges have created Women in Engineering (WIE) programs to provide support, information, and activities to encourage women to complete engineering degrees. Some universities and colleges have Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) programs, which have a focus on students not only studying engineering, but the science disciplines as well. These WIE and WISE programs, because they are supported by the university, show that the university is committed to educating women engineers. Most of them have fairly common objectives and activities.

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Women's Studies

The question is often asked, "Why Women's Studies?" This interdisciplinary area of study offers something few programs can at the graduate level—advanced education in a variety of fields tailored to each student's interests and needs. Rather than studying a specific field such as biology or Victorian literature, students in Women's Studies might choose to study in a variety of fields that meet their interests—from literature to history to communication to psychology to education to film to environmental law. What brings it all together is the focus on the role of women in these areas.

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Featured Women's Programs
for International Students

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